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C.A.R.E. - What we do!

Customers Are Really Everything!

Most of our business comes from the recommendations of our satisfied customers. It is our belief that the belongings of our customers should be treated the same as our own.

We train and remind our staff to always remember that  'C.A.R.E.'  is the most important thing when we are handling and packing your furniture. It is not just our slogan, it is our policy!


Tips for making a move smooth:

• Treasure chests
Pack - and clearly mark - a couple of boxes with emergency items including medicine, toiletries and children's school essentials. Keep them apart from your main household items.

• Seek counsel from council
Check your new local council website for information on rubbish collection, community events, local shopping facilities and transport options.

• Pound the pavement
Stroll through surrounding streets, a park or the local shopping strip. It is a great way to familiarise yourself with what's around and you'll always find a great coffee or lunch spot. Pets are also a great conversation starter so take them with you.

• Love thy neighbour
Once you are in your new home your neighbours will be curious, so introduce yourself.Being friendly comes with social benefits and knowing each other's faces boosts neighbourhood security.

• Welcome junk mail
Local newspapers and advertising flyers can help quickly to familiarise you with local events and services.

Moving day planning



Apple Removals and Storage Hervey Bay ...

• Family owned and operated furniture removalists.

• Operating in the Wide Bay region for the last 8 years.

• We have current model trucks.

• Our trucks are fully insured – including transit insurance.

• We treat every customer with courtesy and respect.

• Apple Removals does not "subby out".

• You can be sure we are in control of your move.

NOTE: Be sure to notify and check with your own contents insurance company as to any requirements that should be met to ensure coverage whenever you are moving house.

Apple Removals Truck


Apple Removals Hervey Bay moves locally, usually at an hourly rate. We will provide free estimates for the cost that your move will take. We always advise local move customers to only accept local moves from ANY removalist at an hourly rate.

This is because most removalists will quote on the high side for fixed price jobs, often enticing the people doing the job to tend to rush so that they can make more profit in less time. This obviously makes the chance of damage increase.

Our staff work at a constant, careful pace. We stay safe and your belongings stay safe.

For longer distance jobs we will provide fixed price quotes. We are not young "cowboys", we drive carefully and we only travel in daylight hours. Apple Removals Hervey Bay will provide the level of quality service that you choose to budget.

We normally do the full move for you with our own labour to load and pack. You could also choose to have your people assist with the loading to reduce the labour and time costs.

Inside an Apple Removals truck



Storage for Caravans, Boats and Campervans

Caravans, Boats and Campervans at great rates all INDOORS!

Apple Removals and Storage Hervey Bay has our own large storage shed situated near Burrum Heads.

The storage owner is on site. For longer term storage we can offer the best rates in Wide Bay.

By the way, we are flood free and actually withstood the recent tornado without building damage. (not many trees left though!!)


• Pack all boxes to capacity. Boxes that are not full are more likely to be crushed and boxes that are overfilled tend to tear apart.

• Label all boxes as soon as you're finished packing them to ensure they are unpacked in the right area of your new home.

• Use old blankets and sheets to cover furniture.

• If you have to dismantle any furniture, place all the nuts and bolts in a plastic bag and tape them to the furniture.

• To avoid scratching glass furniture, wrap it in butcher's paper or newspaper.

• Move packed boxes close to the exit of your home - so it's easier for your removalist.

• Tape and seal all cleaning fluids.

• Pack heavy things into smaller boxes and lighter things into the larger boxes.

• Wrap all glasswear and breakables individually in towels or packing material.

• Carry valuable items such as passports, jewellery and cash with you rather than leaving them with the removalist.

• Sell or give to charity everything you will no longer require as it will only take up unnecessary space in your new home.

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